Hope In Jesus Ministry – New Website

Angles In FlightWe have recently completed the website for the new  We Have This Hope In Jesus Ministry.  It is a lengthy site, containing over 50 pages.  Most pages have pictures and videos with music in the background.

The most time consuming aspect of this site was the cataloguing of an audio file for every single chapter of the bible, old and new testament, English and Spanish.  That is over 2,378 chapters, with approximately 9 different actions required to log and display each audio file so it was easy to read by the users of the site.

The front page has an impressive motion picture of four angels looking down on Earth as they fly in to bring their news to us.  Quite an effort to get something that would hold and not slow down the opening of the site too much.

While the site is based upon the Christian Religion I am sure visitors will enjoy some of the music and images that this site presents.

Go and take a tour of the site We Have This Hope In Jesus Ministry and your see for yourself.