Website Design – What Does it Cost?

Website Design

The cost of website design is strictly relative to what goes into it…but building a website for your business may not be as expensive as you think, especially when you consider that a website is a new venue from which you do business. Now compare the cost of the website to setting up a new office or store front.

There are variants to the price which may include adding an ecommerce platform.  This involves installing, testing and updating a purchasing facility for your products.

Special links are needed to enable your purchasers to order and pay for goods from your website.  The most common facilities are credit card and Pay Pal. A good website design will include these.

With a website design that includes a shopping cart, Pay Pal is considered a preferable method of payment for most on line companies, as it is secure, fast and costs very little.  Purchasers who are registered with Pay Pal find it easy and quick to procure their purchases.  Credit card facilities are all easy to use, however the possibility of  abuse of  their credit card, once they have given the information, is not unheard of.  Credit Cart theft is getting rarer now days, but it does exist, purchasing via credit card is preferable from reputable companies.

Another cost with website design, may be incurred when displaying all of the individual products for sale.  We pride ourselves in training our clients on how to access their own websites and download any product add ins or changes to their pages.  Obviously, we are happy to enter all the products (on an hourly basis) but this can be time consuming and confusing if you are not fully aware of what you are doing.  All training is included in the cost of the website.

Also, there may be a variance in the price if a particularly “fancy” theme is required.  The standard, with website design, will have sliders on the front page ( if required) and up to a total of 5 pages.  Front page, about us, contact us, about the clients products/services (1 or two pages).

Keystone like to adopt what we call the “Vogue Magazine” principal to their website design.  That is, there is a glossy, but tasteful front page.  There are many quality articles to read.  It is informative and well presented. It is attractive, making the viewer eager to look inside and read the articles.  An overall appearance of clean, easy on the eye, class.

For those who are unsure of the style of website design you want, Keystone will be happy to make suggestions and make a draft website to ensure you are getting what you want.  Obviously, if additional drafts are required, this will incur a cost.

We pride ourselves when creating a website design on giving you what you want, not what we think you should have.  We will gladly use your design and will ask you to surf the internet and see if there is a theme there that appeals to you.  We then have a basic idea of what it is you require.

One of the most important things required with website design is communication between yourself and the website designer.  Keystone’s staff are friendly, efficient and are happy to answer any questions during the construction of the site.