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Web Site TrafficFrom a single-page place card to a full eCommerce site our web design team will build a site that will find web site traffic at a price that will amaze you. PLUS our professional training will make you the masters of your own site.

Web Site Building and Design

Keystone can build the ideal website for you with a web site design that you will find appealing to you and your customers.  Whether you want a more “picture” oriented site, or a more “text” site, we will work with your own particular wants and needs.

Keystone has designed many different sites, from just plain promotional or information sites to the more complicated E Commerce sites with sales of your products listed and highlighted as required.

Whatever you desire in a website, Keystone will meet with you and discuss the merits of the site and suggest avenues you may not of thought of that could streamline your site and make it more attractive.  One of Keystone’s main claims is that “We Listen”.  Then we go away and design a site according to your specifications.

You will be asked if there are any websites currently on the internet that appeal to you, this will give Keystone a basic idea of the kind of site you require.  A basic site can be designed and built in under two weeks – once all the necessary information is acquired from you.  The more complex the site, the longer it may take.

After the site is built, Keystone offer a unique service to be available to correct any small problems that may occur once the site goes live.  They are available seven days a week to discuss your web site.

Web Site Traffic

Web site trafficOnce your site is built, the most important thing that you will want is “Web Site Traffic”.  SEO is essential for this purpose.  If you do not utilise SEO then your site will be lost in the millions of sites on the internet.  Keystone will optimise your site and obtain web site traffic by working toward getting your site to page one of Google and other search engines.

Being on page one of the search engines would increase your web site traffic for the Keyword you have selected.  Keywords are the most vital key toward obtaining good web site traffic.

For those who do not know, a Keyword is a word, or a group of words, that people searching for your products use to locate your site. i.e. “I need more web site traffic” may be what you type in when wanting to improve your position on the internet, the main keyword would be “Web Site Traffic”  Every time a person types in that keyword, or a combination of that keyword, the search engines will direct the searcher to the best authority site for that keyword – hence the searcher will find you and hopefully the product/service they require.

The best way, once you have selected relevant keywords, is to link your site via back links to other sites pertinent to your product or service.  These back links must be relevant to your keywords or Google will not award the link.  Getting good quality links is important and a long and arduous task, but well worth the effort when trying to increase your web site traffic.

Keystone is competent and experienced in providing these services if you wish to obtain a great website with great web site traffic.