You may ask why is Google so important to your online success? The answer is that Google was responsible for 65.7% of ALL online searches performed in December of 2009 (according to comScore). This means that using Google as your main target for search engine rankings gives you the best chance to find those people that are looking for your goods  and services, and remember, if you don’t, your competitors will.

SEO MarathonThere is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization is a marathon not a sprint. However when Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich set the world record in 2013 with a time of 2:03:23,  the marathon seemed to be a pretty fast race to me.

 Let’s break it down a little further. That’s an average pace of 20.7 km/hr or 12.9 MPH. That is an incredibe speed to maintain for such a long distance.

That is  how we do business here at Keystone. We keep things moving and we are here for the long haul. We want to hold a strong and steady pace until the very end. A pace that gets you  to your goal as quickly as possible without upsetting Google along the way.

You see, you are in a competition. You compete every day with your opposition in your particular field of business regardless of your business to attract and retain those people in need of what you have to offer. Getting first page listing in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! & MSN) is  more than just business – it’s pride, it’s credibility.

If you’re not at least on the 1st page, you’re treading water and watching your competition sail away. If you’re not within the top 5 positions, you  just lost about 80% of all potential clients. You should be concentrating on making more profits, not just more sales.

We don’t just do SEO here. We’re more than that. We’ll analyze your business inside and out (as much as you are willing to disclose) and come up with a game plan that will help you win whatever competition you decide to get into. If you don’t have the know-how or the time to quickly get your site ranking high in the search engines, then request a free analysis and consultation. No hard-selling, we’ll just talk about where you are and where you want to be.

Here’s a great example:

Once upon a time there was a client that was consistently making a profit of $2,500 every month from 40-45 sales. With 3 simple changes (the site looked almost exactly the same) they made that profit in only 4 days! Their profits had increased by 750%… with less than 20 sales! As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s very achievable for all of our clients simply because of appearance. Btw, this was accomplished without increasing traffic at all! By making 3 simple changes, the client instantly became more credible and each customer ended up purchasing MORE products!

After these 3 simple changes, we proceeded with over a dozen other proven concepts. If you would like to have a free analysis of your website, just request a free analysis from us and one of our highly trained experts will get back with you to share our investigative results and analysis of your current or future business.

Improving Your SERPs in The Search Engines

In all honesty, SEO basically has just 2 parts. The first part is on-site optimization and second is off-site optimization. Sounds pretty simple, right?

When these 2 parts are made whole in perfect HARMONY, you’re talking about making some serious money.

On-site optimization is preparing your site to be crawled, indexed and viewed by the search engines and visited by users. Off-site optimization is the method of promoting your website so that it looks inviting to the search engines. Part of that process is called link building – getting others to link to your website. Why should this matter? Each link being targeted back to your site from other sites around the web is like a vote of credibility for what you have provided and the more credible you appear to the search engines, the more authority your site enjoys. The more authority you have, the more trustworthy you are. And the more trustworthy you are, the better you rank!

The best way to optimize your website is to understand that people reading the site need to be entertained and informed, but there’s more to it than that, especially if you are wanting to focus on getting traffic for specific keyword phrases. In this day and age, you should NEVER target single keywords. Instead, look for numerous search phrases of two words and more (also known as a long-tail keyword).

The process of analyzing and selecting keywords to target is simply called keyword research and analysis. A great place to get started is Google’s free keyword tool. You can look up specific keywords and see how many people are searching for that keyword or key-phrase and… Yes, it’s free!

Our General Process of Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Analyze The Website: First we have to analyze your current website. We need to know where it is ranking, whether or not any previous optimization work has ever been carried out, are you targeting the best keywords, do you have any page rank, has your site ever been penalized by Google (it may have been and you might not even know), how many pages you have, are they indexed, do you have a sitemap, where your current traffic is coming from and much more.
  2. Keyword Research & Analysis: After analyzing your website, we will know which keywords you should target. The next step is to gauge the competition for each of those keywords and select those that have the best balance of low competition and high search rate and which ones may be suitable for PPC (pay-per-click advertising).
  3. On-Page Optimization: After finalizing the best keywords to target using the “organic” search process, we’ll will improve the content of all of the pages on the site to improve their readability to Google and start the process of advancing your Google rank. In addition we enhance your page title, description/keyword meta tag and page content to precisely reflect what the search engines need to see and what will keep your visitors on your site longer, thereby increasing the chance of them buying from you. Finally we need to improve your anchor text, upgrade forms, make sure that alt tags are in place, create a .robots file, create a sitemap and/or use a 301 redirect if required, plus change your content and images and assess layout.
  4. Off-site Optimization: From a time perspective the On-Page work is reasonably short. Using our earlier analogy, it is the sprint. Now comes the marathon. The off-Site optimization process is where we get other websites to link back to yours. The more sites that link to you, the better your site will rank. You may be approached for what is termed “reciprocal linking” which is where you place a link on your site and someone else places your link on their site. Avoid this. These links are becoming obsolete and voided by the searches. Don’t take our word for it, read what Matt Cutts (the face of Google) has to say about paid one-way links.
  5. Monitor & Management: This entire process requires constant research and adjustment if it is to be most successful. We’ll report the changes to you and inform you of the needed actions to ensure that you rank high and stay high. Like any good SEO firm we not only gather the data, we interpret it and react accordingly PLUS we take the time to teach you and keep you informed of what needs to be done. This makes you a better equipped to run your business.

We have tried to lay this process out for you in a fairly simple manner but even so we know it can seem daunting. With our knowledge and experienced team we can apply our techniques to ensure that your website not only looks good, but will rank high in the search engines. Just request a free analysis from our SEO Hobart team and we will even give you a free 15-minute consultation call to help you understand the data we gather and begin a project that will make you more money. We guarantee an improved ROI or your money back! See our rates and terms for more information.