Responsive Websites

Responsive WebsitesWe only build responsive websites. That is to say they will work perfectly well on a PC, Tablet or smartphone.

Google recommend to Webmasters that they follow “industry best practice” by using responsive web design. This means serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.

As web developers we are constantly struggling to keep up with the changes that Google makes to its search algorithms. You see it may be that we must recommend to some clients that they would benefit from having a separate mobile site over an “all-in-one” responsive site when Google themselves are recommending responsive design as best practice.

Why Do You Need a Responsive Website?

Web sites can be clunky and “over-burdened” even for desk top use so adding mobile responsiveness can really affect one of the very important issues that will gauge your ranking….load time.

If you are looking to build a new website you should certainly be considering the fact that more searches are now being conducted on mobile devices than on desk-top PC’s. In fact some research is starting to show that smart-phone and tablet searchers are MORE LIKELY to become paying customers than those searching from a desk top.

But there is more to the tale. The same research is suggesting that people who START searching on their mobile phones and tablets (whilst on a break at work or while travelling) will then turn to their desktop computer to finalise the purchase when they get home.

I am sure you can therefore see the importance of having your website attracting them while they search and then ensuring that they can find the same site when they go to buy.

If you are updating your current old site you should seriously consider a new site that includes responsive design rather than trying to integrate it into what you already have.

Designing such a website is not just about desk tops being better than mobile tablets and phones, or vice-versa. It is fulfilling the desire that your website looks great no matter which of these it appears on.