How a Celebrity Can Help Your Marketing

One of the oldest small business marketing tips, or for any size business really, is the saying “Celebrities Sell” coined by Andy Warhol, to find some interesting information on this subject visit Wikipedia – Celebrities

Small Business Marketing Tips

  1. Having someone who is well known in your community endorse your products will  raise awareness of your advertising campaign. We have all grown up knowing that celebrities are paid a lot of money to represent a particular product or business. Click on the link to know all about the power of celebrity endorsement and to see some of the famous celebrity endorsements supplied by the Brisbane Times.
  2. People like their favourite celebs and will often go to great lengths to get to see them, or to emulate them in some way. If your product is associated with their favourite celebrity, they will notice your product more.
  3. If people think that your product is being used by that celebrity, then the possibility of them using your product also increases ten fold.  Also, the mere fact that you have that celebrity representing your product makes them respect your business more.
  4. There is no disputing the fact that if your product is endorsed by a well known celebrity, who is actually using your product , your sales will be higher – however so is the cost attached. If you happen to know a cebebrity personally who happens to owe you a favor, then you are set, however be careful not to abuse your friendship.
  5. If you are unable to afford endorsement from a major movie or sports star, then look locally. There are usually local heroes that have become well known in your local community who would welcome your offer.
  6. The celebrity you choose must be willing to represent you and it helps enormously if they like your product personally. A lot of promotions have failed due to the celebrity turning up late, reading from a card and then exiting without mingling with their fans. Educate your celebrity about your product. To get an idea what a celebrity should do to present your product read “The 25 Essential Public Speaking Skills”

There are lots of little tips that will help:

  • The all important thing is to make your celerity like you and your product.
  •  Let them try your products for free before your promotional event.
  • Give them your special T-Shirt or hat to wear.
  • Let them know if they can give away free samples or discounts specially for this promotion.
  • Offer to pick them up from their home/hotel, this will ensure they arrive on time.
  • Talk to them, listen to them and answer any questions they may have.

You will find they will react far more positively if you follow these small business marketing tips and the celebrity will feel at ease with the product they are promoting. There is nothing worse than someone from the crowd asking a question about the product and the celebrity doesn’t know the answer.  Just as a special treat, here is an interview by Gordon Keith with celebrity Zach Falifianakis, which demonstrates how not to question a celebrity (you have to scroll down a little to get to the video).

Marketing tips for the small business