Algorithm Updates

SEO MarketingAll SEO’s keep an eye out for what Google will be introducing next. Up till now it has not affected Keystone to any great degree, we have assessed the requirements and implemented them where necessary. It always means long meetings to discuss and form the new framework, but all in all we have found these changes beneficial.

There are a lot of “knockers” regarding Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, but mostly they are from people who relied on black hat techniques, such as automatic back linking, link farming etc.  The link farming in particular has been made extremely difficult by Google now.  Basically it meant that if you had the money to buy sites, mostly these sites would have a page rank of 4 to 6, you could rank just about any site as the back links would look pretty impressive.

Now the humble businessman who is offering a good service can hope to get in the top ranking spots for their keywords in Google, Bing and other search engines.

We have commented previously on the algorithms Panda and Penguin when they were first introduced. You can read the article called “Panda & Penguin, SEO Pets or Pests” includes Hummingbird.

I found an article on “How Algorithm Updates Shape The Role Of An SEO”, written by Jensen Whitner. It makes good reading and I would like to know what your reactions are to his article and also your comments generally on this subject would be appreciated.